Twitter, it’s Time. Prepare the Viking Funeral.

Following the end of its subsidiary service, Vine, Twitter’s future looks more grim than ever. Now, ever since it was launched, Twitter has been the target of relentless forewarnings of its end, but why?

Let’s make a list…in tweets.

#notlisteningnotlistening. Algorithmic timelines and extension services are not what the people want. #listentoyourcustomers 👂👂

#abuse 😞

#showmethemoney  💸  Ads on Twitter are useless #momoneynoproblems 💰


👻  #Snapchat  👻

@facebook @Snapchat overtook their #competitiveadvantage ⏰ #realtime


Listen to your customers. Always. Not only do you need to keep them happy, but effectively listening to them can help you innovate in a way that will sustain your competitive advantage. Twitter didn’t.

Better a brief spell of honour than a long rule of shame (Laxdæla saga).

…that’s a Viking funeral joke. 🐉 Never mind.