Google Can Now Personally Track You

So, apparently, over the summer, Google dropped its ban on using personal data from services like Gmail to supplement browsing data accrued by DoubleClick – its subsidiary ad-creating service.

So what does that mean for users and marketers alike going forward? Google can now use keywords from your Gmail account to more accurately target and serve programmatic ads around the web. The result in the long term, then, is that these services could gather enough information about you to form a full profile of users by name, demographics, and interests – even more specifically than it already has.

While this will certainly brew up some important discussions about the ethics of online privacy in the coming months, its practical implications will soon begin to change the face of the Internet to one that appears completely differently to each and every user. As programmatic advertising continues to build speed and accrue more data, these sorts of supplements will allow advertisers to individually target consumers with the most relevant possible – potentially boosting engagement and likability, but not without the increased controversy


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