Papyrus Font, It’s Time to Go. Please.

Few speeches have ever resonated with me more strongly.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve put a lot of time into reworking the image of the Georgetown Program Board – the student programming club at Georgetown – as its Marketing Director. Through the dozens and dozens of fliers, graphics, videos, banners, and more, I cannot express how much a font (and a good color scheme) does to define an image and its source.

A strong, unique, well-picked font can say so much more than you would expect about a company and its brand image. So, when I walked down the street today and saw a café, teashop, and hair salon with logos in Papyrus font, I was in a fit of frustration until I got home. Needed to make some tea to calm myself…the flavor was written in Papyrus font.

Papyrus font is the new Comic Sans.

Using Papyrus font says so much about a brand. Mostly that it leans on a generic desire to seem “upscale” without actually committing itself to providing you with anything unique. Not the association you need when a potential customer is outside of your door.

So with this in mind, I really wanted to press the importance of picking a font. One that is unique and that says exactly what you want to say about your business. For your logo, your menu, your website, anything – a good font is essential to a strong brand image.

Why do I get so frustrated? Because it is very easy to find a distinctive font for free and for commercial use. Font sites across the web offer free, commercially usable fonts that will help you give your brand its own meaningful appearance. It might not be the most exciting task (I mean, I will admit that I enjoy it), but it’s one that is going give your brand’s appearance an indescribable bump in the consumers’ perception and memory, and make your brand seem as much of an original as you and the hard work and care that you put into the development of your business.


So, please. For the love of God. Stop using Papyrus font and any other pre-loaded Microsoft fonts. Give your business an image that will reflect its personality and the time and care that you’ve put into it. It’ll make a huge change.