If You Haven’t Made Your Page Mobile Friendly Yet, Now’s the Time

Over the past year or two, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the rise of mobile browser usage. Some issues with this kind of excitement stick around, some don’t. But right now, whether this is a long-term trend or not, you’d better contact your web developers and get a mobile site together.

I know. “Sam, why are you so concerned?”

Well, over the summer, I worked with several companies to advise them and report on their digital strategy, goal completions, website performance, and more. One of the metrics I wanted to keep an eye on for all of these clients was the performance and usage of mobile devices as they related to their campaign goals. The data was staggering.

For one company in particular, I couldn’t help but notice the drastic rise of mobile visits to their site and the resulting low mobile engagement rates. From the month of March – when the client first came to us – to the end of July, the total percentage of traffic attributed to mobile devices increased from 17.75% to 47.69%, just under one percent less than the total amount of traffic from desktop users (48.83% of the total).

Total Sessions by Device.png

The rest of the KPIs by device can be found below. Essentially, mobile users visiting this site were mostly new users, all of whom showed incredibly low levels of engagement.

Table 1.png

Now, granted – this is an international company. How about just the US device usage?

Table 2.png


So. If you’re seeing this same trend – and I’d bet you are, or, at the very least, will be very soon – it’s time to get your mobile site upgraded. In order to improve engagement levels, you’re going to have to focus on three things:

  1. Attract more qualified leads on mobile with specific keywords and effective ads
  2. Make your mobile landing pages more goal-oriented and user friendly.
  3. Take some time to figure out who your mobile users are and what they need. Are they just visiting before doing further research on their desktop? Are they looking for contact info? Give them what they need and don’t waste time, because, from the looks of it, you’ve got roughly twenty seconds if you’re lucky.

Luckily…the client was a web developer.