Sorry, who?


Hi! I’m Sam Fiorillo.

I am currently a rising senior, working towards an undergraduate BSBA degree in the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, studying Marketing with a minor in Italian.

I’m most interested in the intersection of creative marketing and digital media. With a variety of experiences in digital marketing, web development, communications, and PR – alongside a strong sales background – I believe that I am a strong candidate for any position that will challenge me to solve problems and think creatively.

Alright…so now that you’ve read all about me as a worker, you have a nice outline of a good ol’ office drone…not exactly.
It’s impossible to tell you who I am without getting corny – so I’m taking that corniness head on.
Without further ado…20 of my favorite ice breaker questions to better get to know yours truly! Let’s ring them out…
  1. Favorite movie:
    Forrest Gump
  2. Hogwarts house:
  3. Lightsaber Color:
  4. Karaoke Song:
    Good Vibrations, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  5. Ideal Pet:
    Grizzly Bear…named Apollo
  6. Would you rather live in the pouch of a kangaroo or have a pouch with a baby kangaroo inside it?
    Pouch with a tiny kangaroo inside it.
  7. Coffee or tea?
    Coffee – but, admittedly, I have developed a bit of a soft spot for tea, too.
  8. Cats or dogs?
    Like what? Come on.
  9. Super power?
  10. Star Wars rankings
    5, 4, 6 & 3, 7,…., 2, 1
  11. Songs you can’t help but dance to
    Stolen Paradise, Milky Chance
  12. What song would your 1980s workout montage be set to?
    You’re the Best, Joe Esposito
  13. Who would play your life’s soundtrack?
    Sondre Lerche (a la Dan in Real Life)
  14. If you were a brand, what would be your motto?
    “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” (Ron Swanson)
  15. Motivational speech you give to others?
    “Hey. *get really serious and look deep into other person’s eyes* You’re [first name] f*%#ing [last name]. You’ve got this.”
  16. Favorite Meal of the Day?
  17. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?
    Trix. But like the old fruit-shaped kind. Before the biggest tragedy in the history of the world.
  18. Road trip with Han or Chewie?
  19. Dream hometown?
    The Shire
  20. Dunkin’ or Dunkin’?

Samuel FiorilloSamuel Fiorillo

Sam is currently a Junior (’17) in Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business studying Marketing, with a focus in digital strategy.
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